MAUR film - Plevel Weeds



A careful Gardener is losing her strength and her mind in the fight against the weeds that persistently infest her garden.
MAUR film - hurikan



A deep-fried romance from Prague.
Joko - MAUR film



An adaptation of Roland Topor's theatrical drama based on the absurdist drama.
MAUR film - Died in Irpin

I Died in Irpin


I survived escaping Irpin but I feel like I’ve never really left.
MAUR film - vsechno co jsme nestihli

Everything We Missed


For people, eternity, for him, the most beautiful year of his life. She's a woman and he's a dog. During the pandemic, they finally met at home.
MAUR film - Ahoj leto Hello Summer

Hello Summer


A new short animated film "Hello Summer" by Martin Smatana and Veronika Zacharová.

Four Voices

4 students — 4 universities — 4 animations



If you are not interested in politics, politics will sooner or later become interested in you.
O krave About A Cow

About a Cow


An imaginative and playful collage of images from the life of cows.
Maur film Elektra



Electra rethinks her 10th birthday, mixing memories with dreams and hidden fantasies. Is our memory just fiction? Or a myth?
MAUR krizem krazem Criss Cross

Criss Cross


Animated embroidery in a tale inspired by folk literature, specifically by the saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed“.
Maur film - v kafemlejnku

In The Coffee-grinder


Visual tribute to the author in the form of a railway employee and the phenomenon of coffee in Czech poetry
MAUR Odpust Don't Blow It Up

Don’t Blow It Up


A short film about how hard it can sometimes be forgiving.

Mom Is Always Right


What would happen if mom was always right?

Paolo´s Happiness


Paolo is a very happy man because he can cry at stories with a sad ending but also at happy endings. Paolo‘s tears make people around him happier.

Mimi & Lisa – The Garden

Two best friends – blind Mimi and Lisa – teach both us and the children to see nature and the things that surround us a bit differently.
Zuza v zahradach

Suzie In The Garden


Short animated film by Lucie Sunkové based on the novel of Jana Šrámková.

The Thrown Away Book


Adaptation of one fairy tale by Arnošt Goldflam.
Pres hranici La traversée

The Crossing


An animated feature film following the dramatic journey of two siblings, Kyona and her brother Adriel, who are running away
betonova dzungle maur film

The Concrete Jungle


Exciting tales of a small boy in a housing estate where it’s possible for even the greatest adventures in the world to take place.
Jáma - the pit

The Pit


Space Odyssey-style animated slapstick animation about a mix-up of proportions that can lead to a fatal mistake in viewer sympathies.

Wild Beasts


The animated film by Marta Prokopová and Michal Blaško sheds memories of childhood and adolescence into narcotic images and suggestive sounds.



Short animated film by Daria Kashcheeva.

Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale


Coproduction animated feature film by Ralf Kukula a Matthias Bruhn.

The Falling Star


Short coproduction French animated film by Loic Malo.

Three Voices


The co-production project Three Voices is the result of uniting three interesting student films and three Czech art schools – FAMU, UMPRUM and the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň.

Mimi & Liza

Co-production short film based on the successful Mimi & Liza series by director Iva Šebestová.

Days Off


Short animated film by Filip Blažek.



Short animated film by critically acclaimed Romanian director Paul Muresan. A rite of passage in Purgatory, a story of meeting oneself.

Time Rodent


Short animated film by Ondřej Švadlena. Story of the world in 5, 10 or even 100,000 years in an abstract parable, a kind of civilizational and comic anti-fairy-tale.



Hungarian short animated film by Lucy Tóth about the native people of the surrealistic land of Superbia.

The Tree


Short animated film by Lucie Sunkova, based on the glass painting technique.

The Return of Agnieszka H.

Feature documentary film about Polish director Agnieszka Holland by Krystyna Krause.

New Goodness


Short animated film based on Aimé Césaire's poems by Lucie Sunkova.

A Very Unsettled Summer

Feature film by renowned Romanian director and producer Ancy Damian. Her previous feature animated documentary Crulic – The Path to Beyond.

Fimfarum: The Third Time Lucky

The last part trilogies of the Fimfarum with fairy tales How the Giants in the Sumava Mountains Died Out, The Hat with a Jay’s Feather and Good Fortune.

Fimfarum 2

Continuation of the successful an animation feature film Fimfarum, in the form of four fairy tales from the popular storybook by Jan Werich.

Terkel in Trouble

Danish feature animated film for adults.

Tom Thumb’s Journey

France version of three fairy-tale of the same name storybook by Jan Werich, Fimfarum.

One Night In A City

Animated feature film by director and artist Jan Balej with elements of horror and black humour. Stories about loneliness and about weirdoes and their oddities, and passions that surround us.


Feature animated film based on the fairy-tale storybook of the same name by Jan Werich.