Movie Description


The film „Fritzi Miraculous Revolutionary Tale“ is based on Hanna Schott‘s book of the same name and the illustrations of Gerda Raidt. It describes the political events of the autumn of 1989 in Leipzig as seen by ten-year-old protagonist Fritzi.

A children‘s feature length animated movie about a girl named Fritzi, who is searching for her friend Sophie in the autumn of 1989. Sophie had asked Fritzi to look after her dog Sputnik for the summer holidays but instead of coming back to school after the holidays, Sophie and her parents immigrated to West Germany and Fritzi doesn’t know how to return the dog to Sophie.

Fritzi’s efforts lead her to the demonstrations which are starting to take place every Monday and she starts getting into conflicts with her school. Thanks to her bravery and the miraculous way history unfolded Fritzi finds her friend again.


Script: Beate Völcker

Directors: Ralf Kukula a Matthias Bruhn

Art design: Uwe Richter

Producer: Balance Film a TrickStudio Lutterbeck DE

Coproduction: DogHouse Films LUArtemis Productions a Digital Graphics BE, MAUR film CZ

The film recieved support of the Czech State Cinematography Fund and Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.