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We briefly experience with the animal protagnists their story, freely inspired by folk culture, in which good values conquer evil.  The film works with  a simple well known saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed“, making it accessible to viewers of any age or nationality.  This short animated fable “Criss-Cross“ is both a children’s film with a moral, and an attractive film for an adult viewer thanks to its artistic style, combining animation with a cross stitch embroidery.


Story, script – Barbora Németh, Nina Rybárová
Direction, art design – Nina Rybárová, Tomáš Rybár
Animation technique, supervision, teaser – Marek Jasaň
Animation, layouts, compositing Jan Bohuslav
Animation assistance – Eva Dobuševa, Charlie Brault
Music, sound design – Branislav Laho
Sound supervisor – Martin Hasák
Edit – Michal Kondrla, Oliver Bahúl
Dramaturgy – Peter Budinský, Barbora Budinská, Lucia Kajánková

Production managers – Erika Paulinská, Marcela Vrátilová
Producers – Simona Hrušovská, Veronika Kocourková, Monika Lošťáková, Zuzana Jankovičová  (Super film, SK)
Coproducers – Alena Vandasová, Martin Vandas (MAUR film, CZ)

Length – 8 minutes
– 2023

Financially supported by Slovak Audiovisual Fund and Czech Film Fund.

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