• Zuza v zahradach 30 Cesky Lev - 30 Czech Lion

Suzie in the Garden won the Czech Lion

In the Best Animated Film category, Suzie in the Garden won the Czech Lion Award.
  • Hurikan

The Long Awaited Teaser of Hurikán by Jan Saska Released

Jan Saska is working on his second authorial short named Hurikán and he revealed the first teaser.
  • zuza v zahradach Dafilms

Suzie in the Garden on DAFilms in March

Watch Lucie Sunková’s film Suzie in the Garden on DAFilms selection from the 20th of February 2023.
  • nominace ECFA

Czech animation has two nominees for the title of the best European Children’s film of the year

European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) announced the nominations in three categories – feature film, documentary and short film.
  • feature-img-krizem-krazem_5

Criss Cross has completed its cross-stitch embroidery

Slovak director Nina Rybárová together with Tomáš Rybár have just finished their animated fable Criss Cross.
  • feature-img-cesky_lev-nominace_en

Suzie in the Garden is nominated for The Czech Lion Awards 2022

The Czech Film and Television Academy announced nominations for the 30th jubilee Czech Lion Awards.
  • feature-img-workshopSunkova-Ateny

Workshop in Athens

Lucie Sunková in cooperation with the Czech Centre organized an animation workshop for children in Athens.
  • feature-img-electra_a_poem_5

Photos from the shooting “Electra. A Poem.”

Another insight into the demanding process of filming "Electra. And Poem."