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Workshop in Athens

Lucie Sunková in cooperation with the Czech Centre organized an animation workshop for children in Athens.
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Photos from the shooting “Electra. A Poem.”

Another insight into the demanding process of filming "Electra. And Poem."
  • Eelectra a poem

Daria Kashcheeva is finishing filming Electra. And Poem.

The long-awaited graduation film of the FAMU student is nearing its final stage, and you can take a look at how the shooting itself is going on.
  • Pripravy k filmu T

Did you miss the Preparations for the Film T. on screen? Try DAFilms!

The directorial debut of Milan Klepikov was presented in the world premiere at the Ji.hlava festival in 2021 and has since won many viewers.
  • Mama ma vzdycky pravdu

A Golden Kingfisher for Marie Urbanková

Finale Pilsen film festival – in the Best Student Short Film category, the film Mum Is Always Right won the Golden Kingfisher.
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Two new minority short films supported by Czech Film Fund

Latvian-Czech Kafka in Love by Zane Oborenko and Polish-Czech-German film JOKO by Izabelą Plucińską.
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Short Film Hattrick at Zlín Film Festival

62. The Zlín Film Festival will present a total of 276 films. The Czech Republic is represented in this year's competition by six films, four of which were produced by MAUR film.
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SUSIE IN THE GARDEN Wins the GOLDEN SLIPPER for the Best Animated Film for Children

The jury's motivation: In this graphically rich film, a moving and poetic story unfolds that tenderly tells and affects young and adult viewers alike.