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AnimationShort film



Hurikán rushes to save his favourite beer stand from closure by fetching a new keg to impress the bartender he crushes on. In a wild Prague district, he faces robbers, cops, and his own thirst.



Director – Jan Saska
Script – Jan Saska and Václav Hašek
Script editor – Vojtěch Kiss
Voice actors – Johana Matoušková, Patrik Velek
Sound Designer – Jiří Gráf
Assistant director & Head of animation – Marek Pokorný

Producers – Kamila Dohnalová (Last Films, CZ), Martin Vandas (MAUR film, CZ)
Co-producers – Antoine Liétout, Ivan Zuber (Laïdak Films, FR), Juraj Krasnohorský (Artichoke, SK), Mladen Đukić (AEON Production, BiH)

Length – 13 minutes
Animation technique – Black & white hand-drawn 2D animation
Year of production – 2024

Financially supported by Czech Film Fund (CZ), Prague Audiovisual Fund (CZ), Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (FR), Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine in partnership with the CNC (FR), Magelis, with the support of Charente county council in partnership with the CNC (FR), Slovak Audiovisual Fund (SK) and Audio-Visual Center of the Republic of Srpska (BiH) and France Télévisions.


Visuals – 5x jpg (Zip)




| Biography – Jan Saska
Jan Saska is a Czech animation director and comics author. After premiering at la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at Cannes in 2016 his FAMU graduation film Happy End, a black comedy about death, has been screened on numerous film festivals worldwide, received more than twenty-five awards and was shortlisted for the 2017 Oscars. Jan’s latest project – Hurikán – is a short comedy based on Jan’s original comic character of the same name.

| Filmography – Short animation
2024 – Hurikán
2015 – Happy End
2012 – The Robbery (Přepadení)
2012 – That First Time (Tenkrát poprvé )
2012 – The Huntsmen (Myslivci)