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Daughter – Daria Kashcheeva

A young girl buries in her soul a memory of a painful moment, when as a child she brought home an injured bird and her father burdened by his own weight of worries didn’t notice her feelings and longing for understanding.  The girl took her father’s reaction as indifference and closed herself in her inner world longing for her father’s love and its manifestations. Since that moment she and her dad continued to grow apart, and as an adult she is no longer able to accept his endearments. The father suffers from guilt and searches for a way back to his daughter, trying to revive their lost relationship.



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Director, screenplay writer, art director, animator Daria Kashcheeva
Editor Alexander Kashcheev
Music Petr Vrba
DOP Daria Kashcheeva, Bargav Sridhar
Sound Daria Kashcheeva, Miroslav Chaloupka
Lighting Bargav Sridhar
Producer Zuzana Roháčová (FAMU)
Co-producer Martin Vandas (MAUR film)
Financially supported by Czech Film Fund

International premiere10.6.2019 – Annecy International Animated Film Festival
Czech Republic / 2019 / 14 min. 44 sec. / no dialogue



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Daughter will be shown in Czech cinemas in the spring 2020 by the distribution company Aerofilms, together with several other successful animated films from recent FAMU production.

The working title of Daughter was The Bird, the author decided to change it just before finishing it.

The director is now working on a new graduation project movie, which should be finished at FAMU in co-production with MAUR film during 2021.

Daughter is part of a movie Three Voices, the result of juxtaposing three interesting puppet student films. They were being created concurrently at three Czech art schools – FAMU, UMPRUM and University of West Bohemia.

In the history of Academy Awards it is unheard of for a student film to be nominated among the final five in the Best Animated Film category.

The last Czech animated movie to get on the Oscar shortlist was also a film from FAMU, Happy End by Jan Saska in December 2016. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the final five nominees.

The only artist of Czech origin who has won the Best Animated Short Film category was director and animator Jaroslav Pinkava. In 1998 the Oscar went to his film Geri’s Game produced by the American company Pixar.


Film Daughter is part of a co-production project Three Voices – the result of uniting three interesting student films that are being made simultaneously at three Czech art schools – FAMU, UMPRUM and the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň. More information about Three Voices can be found here.

The creators – Daria Kashcheeva, Marie Urbánková and Martin Pertlíček – have in common an interest in film puppets and a need to pass on a message. The project is produced by students of the film production study programme of FAMU – Mária Moťovská and Zuzana Roháčová – who in the future want to pursue film animation and it is an opportunity for them to try production work under the partonage of MAUR film, which systematically and on a long term basis looks for and supports talented animators. Producer Martin Vandas initiated this inter-school cooperation and the joining of these three films.



Year 2019
– The 46th Student Academy Award (Student OSCAR), the gold medal in International Animation film / category The 92nd Academy Awards Nomination in the category The Best Short Animatied Film
– Annecy International Animated Film Festival (France) 10/6-15/6 2019 Cristal for the Best Student Film / Young Jury award for the best Student film
– Insomnia animation festival (Russia) 18-22/7 2019 The best film of the international competition – Young animation
– Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia) 1-18/8 2019 City Post Award for Best Animation Short Film
– Fantoche International Animation Film Festival (Switzerland) 3-8/9 2019 Best film of Fantoche
– World Festival of Animated Film Varna (Bulgaria) 11-15/9 2019 The best student film
– Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) 23-29/09 2019 The Best Student film
– Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival (USA) 4-6/10 2019 Best Student Animation Award
– Balkanima (Serbia) 1-6/10 2019 Best Student film
– Taichun International Animation Festival TIAF (Taiwan) 11-20/10 2019 Grand Prix for the best Student Film
– Animafilm (Azerbaijan) 18-20/10 2019 Best Short Animated Film
– Bucheon International Animation Festival BIAF (South Korea) 18-22/10 2019 AniG‘s Choice and 1st Prize
– International Student Film Festival (Turkey) 21-25/10 2019 Best Cinematography award
– ReAnimania (Armenia) 24-29/10 2019 Best Graduation Film
– Kuandu International Animation Festival 27.10-3.11 2019 Best Student Film Award
– Primanima (Hungaria) 30/10-2/11 Best Graduation Film, Primasound jury – best sound design
– Big Cartoon Festival (Russia) 25/10-4/11 2019 Critics´ prize
– Baku International Short Film Festival 6-9/11 2109 Best Animated Film Award and Best Animation Director
– Stop Trick in Lodz (Poland) 8-10/11 2019 Lodz Audience Grand Prix
– Ajayu International Animation Festival (Peru) 6-10/11 Grand Prix at the Main Competition
– Denver Film Festival (USA) 30/10-10/11 Marilyn Marsh Saint-Veltri Award for Best Student Animated Short Film
– VGIK student film festival (Russia) 12-15/11 Best Animated Film
– Norwich Film Festival (UK) 4-17/11 Best Animated Film
– Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival & Expo (USA) 14/11 Best Animated Short
– Cinanima (Portugal) 11-17/11 International Student Film Competition Award
– FESTIVAL DU FILM COURT DE VILLEURBANNE 16-25/11 2019 (France) Best Award of the Short Animated Competition
– Rome Independent Film Festival – RIFF Awards (Italy) 15-22/11 The winner at the Animation short section
– PÖFF Shorts – Black Nights Film Festival 19-27/11 (Estonia) The winner at the New Talent competition
– Anilogue International Animation Festival (Hungary) Best Short Film
– Cyprus International Film Festival "Golden Aphrodite" (Cyprus) 22-30/11
– ISFF ZUBROFFKA (Poland) 4-8/12 Best film in the EASTWARD WINDOW Competition and THE BEST ANIMATION
– Contemporary Animation Festival ICONA (Greece) 29/11-1/12 2nd place by the Jury in Student Short Animation Category
– Cinemaiubit (Romania) 3-7/12 The Best Animation Film
– Whistler Film Festival (USA) 4-8/12 International ShortWork Award

Year 2020
–  Jaipur International Film Festival (India) 17-21/01 The Best Animation Film
– Sundance Film Festival (USA) 23-29/01
– Cena České Filmové Kritiky 2019 v kategorii MIMO KINO
– Animotion Film Festival (Italy) The best stop motion animated film
– Filmwochenende Wurzburg (Germany) 30/1-2/2 Best short award
– VOID – International Animation Film Festival (Denmark) 30/1-8/2 Best Graduation Film
– New Jersey Film Festival (USA) Spring 2020 Best Animation
– SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema (Russia) 14-17/2 Audience award, Best DOP, Best Sound design, Best Editing in the category Drama
– McMinnville Short Film Festival (USA) 21-23/2 WILL VINTON AWARD FOR BEST ANIMATED FILM
– International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIZENIA (Poland) 24/1-1/3 2020 The Best Animated Film
– Japan Media Arts Festival Contest (Japan) 6/3 New Face Award
– Watersprite International Student Film Festival (UK) 6-8/3 The Best Animation Award, The Best Directing Award, The Film of the Year Award
– Short Movie Club (Belarus) 14/3 The Best Animation
– International Innovation Film Festival (Switzerland) 10-15/3 Best Animated Short Film
– European Film Festival 6-13/3 (France) Best Animated Short
– Tokyo Anime Award Festival (Japan) Grand Prix Award
– Animation Dingle (Ireland) 20-21/3 Best Stop Motion Award
– GLAS Animation Festival (USA) 19-22/3 New Talent prize
– Akbank Short Film Festival (Turkey) Best International Short Film
– Mecal Pro 2020 (Spain) second prize by the Animation Jury
– Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film 2020 (Germany) Young talent award
– Monstra 2020 (Portugal) Best Student film from the Junior Jury, and Special Senior Jury Award.
– Palm Springs International Shortfest 2020 (USA) The Best Student Animated short
– NAFF 2020 (Portugal) Grand Prix and the Best Student Film
– Animakom fest 2020 (Spain) Special Jury Award
– Supertoon- Int Animation Festival 2020 (Croatia) The best student film
– Desertscape International Film Festival 2020 (USA) Best Animated Short Animafest Cyprus 2020 (Cyprus) Grand Prix
– Flipbook film festival 2020 (Macedonia) Audience award
– Still voices short film festival 2020 (Ireland) Grand Prix
– THE CILECT PRIZE 2020 for the best animated film
– Glasgow Short Film Festival 2020 (USA) Audience Award for International Short Film
– Cinema Camp Film Festival 2020 (Spain) The Best short film, The best directing
– Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2020 (Japan) Grand Prix
– BuSho 2020 (Hungarian) Best Animation film award
– IKAR 2020 (Russia) Best Animation
– Chilemonos 2020 (Chile) First place in the International School Short Film Competition
– Europian Short Film Festival 2020 (Germany) The Audience Award
– MAFICI 2020 (Spain) best Aniamted short Film award
– Animafest Zagreb 2020 (Croatia) Best Film for Children
– Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival 2020 (Italy) ANIMALAB Award
– Anifilm 2020 (Czech) Best Student film in the International competition, Best Student Czech Film, Best Czech Animated film
– Ca´Foscari Short Film Festival (Italy) GRAND PRIX
– Festival BAB (Slovakia) St. Vojtech prize
– Monstronale Filmfestival 2020 (Germany) 1st place in the international competition
– Visualis Film Festival 2020 (Russia) Best Animated film
– Ridgefield Independent Film Festival 2020 (USA) Best Animated film Best Animated film
– Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival 2020 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Award for the best puppet animation
– TOFUZI International Animated Film Festival 2020 (Georgia) Best Directing award
– Cardiff Animation Festival 2020 (UK) Audience award
– Underexposed Film Festival 2020 (USA) Best Animated film
– International Short Film Festival Berlin Interfilm Berlin 2020 (Germany) Best Animation
– Filmschoolfest Munich 2020 (Germany) Best Animation
– China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival Aniwow (China) Golden Petals Best Short Animation
– Athens Animfest 2020 (Greece) 1st Award in the Student Competition
– OLHO animation film festival 2020 (Portugal) Best Student Animation
– Pixelatl International Animation Film Festival (Mexico) 3-7/9 Jury special mention
– Philadelphia Film Festival (USA) 17-27/10 2019 Honorable Mention recognition by our Shorts jury
– Russian Indie Film Festival (Russia) 18-20/10 2019 Special mention by the Main Judge of Animation Jury Benoit Berthe Siward
– Stop Trick in Lodz 8-10/11 2019 Special mention from Weronika Płaczek (Director of ANIMOCJE International Animated Film Festival)
– Reanima (Norvegia) 14-17/11 Jury special mention in Student Category
– Kinoproba Festival (Russia) 1-5/12 special jury diploma for a cinematic break through in puppet animation
– Animax Skopje Fest 2019 (Macedonia) 22-24/12 Special Jury Prize
– SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema (Russia) 14-17/2 Special mention of the Jury member Nikita Ordynskiy and Special mention of the Jury member Manuel DeCoco
– Imaginaria 2020 (Italy) Jury Special Mention
– The Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2020 (Israel) Special Mention Award
– Stop Motion Our FEST 2020 (Argentina) Jury Special Mention
– Animocje 2020 (Poland) Jury Members special mention
– XIX Reggio Film Festival 2020 (Italy) SPECIAL MENTION by the SNCCI (Italian Movie Critics National Syndicate) jury