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Blind Mimi and Lisa are best friends. They learn from each other generosity, tolerance, and openness in their approach to the whole world and its diversity. In a new story titled The Garden, a yellow container is installed in the yard of their house which the neighbours soon start filling with old and broken things. Lisa is curious about what Mimi would throw out, and is surprised that she throws away nothing.

For Mimi all old things at home are her fixed points and little certainties in the dark. Lisa decides to throw away her old red ball. But it falls behind the container and thanks to it the girls discover a secret door leading to the beautiful Garden of the miraculous Magic Maker, who takes them on a quick trip through all the seasons. However, when at the end of this magical journey the girls find the old ball and throw it into the container, the things in it stack themselves into a giant Monster that comes alive.  The Monster is full of joyful longing. It wants to play. But it reacts aggressively to rejection.

It swallows the Magic Maker and causes the total destruction of the Garden. Mimi and Lisa enter on a journey into its belly to free the Magic Maker. Only there do they get to understand that the Monster is not really evil, just unhappy and enraged because it feels rejected and despised. But at the same time the girls discover its huge potential to be useful and heal the Garden. At the end of the story Mimi and Lisa find out that even material things have to be approached with love and respect and that every object has its purpose. This joyful understanding will help the girls realize their co-responsibility for the world around them and inspire them to actively reshape it.

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– Ivana Šebestová, Katarína Kerekesová
Script – Katarína Kerekesová, Katarína Moláková, Ivana Šebestová
Dramaturgy – Anna Vášová, Halka Marčeková
Art design – Katarína Kerekesová, Ivana Šebestová, Boris Šima
Editor – Matej Beneš
Music – Lucia Chuťková
Sound – Martin Merc
Dubbing – Linda Rybová, David Prachař, Dagmar Pecková, Arnošt Goldflam, Viktor Preiss, Linda a Karolína Křišťálová and others…

Producers – Fool Moon (Katarina Kerekesova, SK), RTVS (SK), MAUR film (Martin Vandas, Alena Vandasová, CZ)

Length – 65 min
Release – 21. 4. 2022

Financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and Czech Film Fund.
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