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Ivan Wernisch wrote about his poems: “My poems are what they are, and I would not improve them with any commentary.”

One of the most important living poets, Ivan Wernisch, with his nostalgic, railway and blowing poem, inspired director David Súkup to its distinctive animated interpretation.
Alongside a visual tribute to the author in the form of a railway employee and the phenomenon of coffee in Czech poetry, a distinctive animated film was made, which shows the intimate closeness of animation and poetry and tries to bring new readers to poetry in an attractive form.

PS: The locomotive pulling the train in the film has its prefiguration in a real locomotive dubbed in railway station jargon “caffeine tank“!


Director – David Súkup
Script – Michal Jareš, Martin Vandas
Animation – Marek Pokorný, Libor Batěk
Art designer – Martin Hanschild
– Aliaksandr Yasinski
– MAUR film

Length – 1 min.  / part of the series Poetry in Animation
Estimated release – 2024

Financially supported by the Czech Film Fund.

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