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The Falling Star / L’Etoile Manquante

The last conscious moments of Stalin, the solitary tyrant who believes himself immortal.  An evocation of the mental chaos of the Little Father of the People who was suffering from delusions of persecution and untold power during the three days of his death throes. And, in fact, is he really dead?  In the limbo of the Soviet past, the ghosts from the gulag dream of settling some old scores.



Chybějící hvězda / L’etoile Manquante / Falling Star | Trailer



Director and Art Design
 — Loic Malo
Production — Lardux Films (France)
Co-producers — MAUR film
Premiere — Ji.hlava (CZ) 30/10/2020

The film recieved support of the Czech State Cinematography Fund.



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