O Dire z trychtyre - Maur film



The entire story takes place in the microcosm of the kitchen and the main characters are pots and pans and various kitchen utensils and appliances. It is dark all around. A light appears at the end of the tunnel, just a point at first, then it gets bigger, and it’s a round Hole at the end of the Funnel.

Various liquids and food items flow or fall through the Funnel, and thus through the Hole.  Their stream makes a sound resembling human speech or laughter. The Hole would like to make a friend, but everyone quickly passes through and disappears. So the Hole is sad, especially at night.

Once an exotic visitor flows through the Hole – Rum from the Carribbean – and reveals to the Hole that somewhere in the kitchen there is a planet and only holes live on it. The Hole decides to go and search for the planet so that it will never be alone again. It jumps down from the Funnel, climbs out of the drawer

and meets the Potato Peeler, whose back itches because it can’t scratch itself. The Hole scratches it and gets advice from the Peeler to go and ask Sir Cheese, who is old and knows loads. Sir Cheese lives on the white mountain, i.e. on top of the refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen. The Hole goes there, but the path is dangerous: it must pass by Lake Sink and solve the riddle of the fire-breathing dragon Range.

The Hole eventually overcomes all obstacles and climbs up the side of the fridge. In the middle of the plateau shines a glass house with a sphere on top, and under this glass dome sits the imprisoned Sir Cheese. The Hole lifts the glass dome, but just as Cheese squeezes through the crack to freedom, he pounces on the Hole. He believes that if there are holes in him, he will become a noble M. D’Emmental. The Hole clings to the wall in terror. And then a flock of mice run out of the Hole in the wall, they jump on Sir Cheese and eat him. Sir Cheese is gone, but his Ghost-Pong remains behind, and it flies around and overwhelms the Scent of fresh Coffee rising from a cup.

To save the Scent, the Hole punches a hole in the glass cover, inhales, and sucks Pong back under the glass, where it hangs like a translucent ghost of the old Cheese. The Scent of Coffee will as a reward help the Hole search for its  dream planet from a bird’s eye view. It embraces the Hole, climbs with it as high as the light near the ceiling. They fly around, then spiral around the table, fly across the kitchen to the sideboard from where the Hole started on its journey. And there the Hole spots a magical glow high on the cupboard, where it can’t see from below. In flight, they almost become entangled in a flytrap suspended from the light bulb under the ceiling, but eventually they land on top of the cupboard, which is bathed in magical light. The Hole is dazzled, all it can see is a multitude of holes that cheerfully wave at it and invite it among them. The Hole hugs the Scent of Coffee goodbye and walks away. It ascends the top of the planet, the other holes make room for it and it slowly enters the space  between them. It becomes part of the Hole planet and is happy.

Only now will the viewer see that the planet is actually a Colander, which is lying upside down on the cupboard and looks exactly like a planet from the overhead view.

Final scene: The Funnel lies in a drawer, transformed into a cone by the Hole’s departure. There is a cry, a white dot blinks – and a new, still very small Hole is born at the bottom of the cone.


Director – David Súkup
Script – Petr Stančík
Art director – Martin Hanschild

Animation technique – combination of 3D animation and stop motion
Estimated length – 12 minut
Genre – short animated roadmovie