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Far, far away, there are endless fields overgrown with weeds. Amidst these fields, there is a hidden garden full of beautiful cultivated flowers. One day a mighty storm will come. The wind picks up the seeds of the weeds and carries them towards the garden. The gardener rips out an unknown intruder: however, the thistle weed starts growing all over the garden and the gardener is losing patience. In a frenzy, she not only cuts down all the weeds around her, but also all her flowers.

Meanwhile, underground the roots of the cut plants begin to connect with the roots of the flowers. A completely new plant grows out of the ground, combinig the features of both the weeds and the flowers. New shoots spread to the fields behind the garden fence and the entire surrounding landscape begins to gradually change its previous appearance.



The film is part of the FOUR VOICES, which is a continuation of the project Three Voices and once again brings together students from FAMU, UMPRUM, FMK UTB Zlín and FAMO Písek.

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Director, story, screenplay, art design, animation – Pola Kazak
DOP – Jakub Lojda
Music – Sergey Cheremisinov
Sound design – Mírek Šmilauer
Editing – Alisa Sheli
Voice – Zuzana Hykyšová-Petráňová
Colorgrading – Vojtech Štetka
VFX – Bohdan Buďárek, Petr Chrvat
Production – Marcela Vratilová

Producers – Jiří Pecinovský, Mária Moťovská, Martin Vandas (MAUR film, CZ)
Coproducer – The Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek (CZ)

Estimated length – 15 min.
Estimated release – 2024

Financially supported by Czech Film Fund and FILMTALENT Zlín Endowment Fund.


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