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Mom is always right

What would happen if mum was always right? Do mums always tell their children the truth? If I squint, will I stay cross-eyed  forever? And what about beer, can it be safely tasted? Or will it make me the shortest granddad in the old folk’s home? Will I really have muscles like Popeye if I eat spinach?

The film follows mothers and children in several households. Their grotesque and absurd tales are based on the most common phrases told to children , for whom though they are an utterly plausible reality. In my film these situations will be showing what would happen if our mothers were always right. Absurdities like unravelled belly button, frogs in one’s stomach, eyes in the neighbours garden etc. are a great opportunity for the animated film, for which not a single literal meaning  is impossible or inconcievable to shoot. The film is targeting primarily the adult viewers, parents, to make them realise the power and absurdity of their warnings. But I hope children will enjoy it too.




– Marie Urbánková
Script – David Dvořák, Marie Urbánková
Animation – Marie Urbánková, Matouš Vyhnánek
Editor – Juraj Ondruš
Music – Kateřina Koutná KAT
Sound – Martin Večeřa
DOP – Jaroslav Fišer
Postproduction – Bohdan Buďárek, Matouš Vyhnánek, Matěj Piňos

Producer – Mária Môťovská, MAUR film
Co-producer – UMPRUM

Length – 7:39 min.

Financially supported by Czech Film Fund and FILMTALENT ZLÍN Endowment Fund.

| Selection
Go Short Nijmeningen, Tirana Film Fest, Zagreb Film Festival, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Vilnius IFF, Palace ISFF Bulgaria, Anifilm, Anibar Kosovo, Animateka Slovenia, Anima Syros, Agora Greece, Anima Argentine, Turku AFF, Viborg AF, BAB Bratislava, Primanima Hungary, Kaboom Animation Festival, Schlingel IFF, Kineko IFF Japan, Playfest Pt.

| Awards
Golden Kingfisher Finále Plzeň, Aniloge Jury´s Special Award by Aurelia Aasa, NAFF – Neum Animated Film Festival Mostar – The Best Student Film

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