Preschooler Pepi is an active and cheerful child during the day. But in the evening, when she goes to bed and her younger brother falls asleep, something shifts. She is scared. In the darkened children’s room, a fairlytale Black Princess lives in the root wood wardrobe. Pepi is lying down and the fear makes her suddenly very tiny. One day her little brother has an accident and Pepi and her mother go to the hospital in the ambulance. Pepi suddenly notices that her mother next to her is also very tiny. Tiny, because she’s fearful for Pepi‘s brother. Pepi comforts her.

It is a surprising discovery: even adults are afraid sometimes! Mum too. Pepi then relaxes and the process of her anxiety culminates in a nighttime incident with her mother. Since the accident her mum has been waking up fearful at night. Even though her little brother is fine, mum is haunted by what could have happened, or might happen. Mum wakes up completely shrunk, climbs over the father’s hand and descends from the high bed, like Pepi does. In the apartment, however, she unexpectedly encounters the Black Princess, who begins to chase her. Confused, mum is fleeing until Pepi pulls her into her hiding den. They are there together, both tiny, hiding from the insidious Princess of Fear in the dark apartment. Finally, hand in hand, they run into the root wood wardrobe.

The Black Princess bangs on the door, it is terrifying, she is threatening them, then pleading,  finally begging. The terror is giving way, fear is gradually turning into conspiracy and fun. Mum and Pepi come out of the wardrobe tall, while the diminished Princess is tiny, and Pepi helps her back inside.


Director  – Bára Velecká
Estimated length – 12 minut

Producer – MAUR film

Financially supported by Czech Film Fund.