As the series of short animated stories Mimi & Lisa: The Mystery of the Christmas Light enters Czech cinemas on the 6th of December, we can each ask ourselves, whether we are able to perceive the world with all our senses. Because two little girls, the protagonists of seven stories learn how from each other. Mimi is blind but doesn’t take this fact as a detriment. And thanks to that Mimi’s friend Lisa learns a lot from her. Because the world can also be seen with your hands and ears, you just have to try. There aren’t really any big differences between Mimi and Lisa, just that one of them has her eyes closed and the other has them wide open all the time. But both are able to look and see together. Considering the theme of the film we decided to contact the Czech Public Radio foundation for the blind,  Světluška, and donate to it a part of the money raised.

The project originated in Slovakia, it was initiated by director and producer Katarína Kerekesová and the company Fool Moon and MAUR film was asked to coproduce it as they have extensive experience in producing Czech animated films.

Mimi & Líza / Mimi & Liza | Trailer