At its September meeting, The Czech Film Fund’s Council evaluated appeals for complete development of animated film. Altogether there were 15 projects from 13 different applicants. MAUR film company succeeded with its new short film About A Cow by Pavla Baštanová, which is being prepared.

 „This project came from an urgent need to express the civilisational anxiety caused by growing and irreversible global problems. Hypocrisy and lethargy often prevent people from moderating their comfortable lifestyle and changing their attitudes. But those who have no choice are the animals. We are witnesses to the extinction of species, migration and changes to biorythms of thousands of animals. The world we intimately know is changing fast and disappearing in front of our eyes“, explains Pavla Baštanová her intentions.

She won’t narrate her 10 minute film in words, but entirely in pictures. Great emphasis and great care will be therefore given to music and sound. The technique of painting, drawing and paper collage made complete with 2D computer animation will create a partly abstract environment, which will support the intent for the film not to be too moralising and primarily educative, but rather inspirative in the sense of searching for harmony between mankind and nature. The script was written by Eva Prchalová and Pavla Baštanová. The film should be finished in 2021.