The feature film Rosentaal is a second generation adaptation of the incredible stories of the legendary Eskimo chief  Eskymo Welzl. His books and life story inspired Miroslav Krobot to write a steampunk novel that the film is based on. The script (based on Miroslav Krobot’s book) was written by Marek Eppstein. The film will be directed by Miroslav Krobot and the art will be done by Václav Švankmajer.

Rosentaal is an icy golddigger’s town at the end of the world where one day Nab (short for Nabuchodnezor) is set ashore from the floating factory megapolis Turkish Red. He enters the frozen wastes with an old anarchist professor Muck and a mysterious quest he doesn’t even know about yet at the start of his journey.

Rosentaal is one of those captivating and suspenseful adventures that pull you in with their dramatic plot twist, impressive atmosphere and mysterious secret. A steampunk polar roadmovie with features of a coming of age movie which is a difficult but beautiful challenge because it contains all the adventures we wanted to experience as kids.

The project which was financially supported by the Czech State Cinematography Fund and for purely altruistic reasons by the Holba brewery should be finished by 2020 and the developement apart from artistic and literary preparation also involves demanding testing of new animation technologies with ČVUT (Czech Technical University).