Maur film Rosentaal


The Selection Commission of Cartoon Movie, European´s leading pitching event for feature films projects in various stages, revealed their choice among 114 submitted projects. 57 animation feature projects were selected.

The producers duo Maria Motovska and Martin Vandas will present the feature animated project ROSENTAAL, directed by Miroslav Krobot.

The film tells the story of 16-year-old orphan Nab, who has lived since birth on a huge ship, which is at the same time a factory, a town and permanent home to several thousand people. For violating the austere rules, Nab is banished and put ashore in the Duluong Islands, a harsh place where winter is hard to survive. But thanks to the discovery of gold deposits, Eskimos live there together with hundreds of adventurers, criminals, and local hunters. The only law that rules here is the law of the strongest.


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