The premiere of the short film „The Tree“ made a strong impression on all present, the audience as well as the animator herself. If the building of the French Institute had collapsed that evening, it would have been a great loss for Czech animation because the audience was largely made up of artists, directors, animators and other creative professionals.

For example Michaela Pavlátová, Vráťa Hlavatý, Jiří Barta, doyennes of Czech animation Vlasta Pospíšilová and Jiří Kubíček, Mária Procházková, Libor Pixa, Noro Držia, Michal Žabka, Aneta Žabková and many others.

Lucie Sunková’s previous film „Nová dobrotivost“ which was created for the celebrations of the hundredth aniversary of the French poet Aime Cesaire was also shown alongside „The Tree“.

Fortunately this won’t be the only opportunity to watch and enjoy this lyrical animated poem.


Vlasta Pospíšilová and Michal Žabka were present at the opening of the film.

Aside from participating in this year’s competition at Anifilm in Třeboň the film will also be screened at the French Institute. In April it should be shown in Brno in the cinema Scala and in the Hradec Králové cinema Central. Other small Czech onescreen cinemas are being considered and in autumn it will be part of the distribution of the live action feature film „Zloděj zelených koní“ based on the book by Jiří Hájíček directed by Dan Wlodarczyk.

The film is also heading for several foreign film festivals, as of now about ten are confirmed and more are gradually being confirmed – not only in France, but also in Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. It will also be accompanied by the newly unveiled DVD, a book that is being prepared and an exhibition of the original paintings of the individual frames of the film.