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The Tree

Lucie Sunková’s short film The Tree is a metaphorical story about the parallels in lives of people and trees, a lyrical poem about birth and death, about the flow of our time and the nature surrounding us, a parable about parenthood and crossing the boundaries of a human (not only) life. It is a story about relations, seeming hopelessness and a happy promise. Used paint-on-glass technique, a pure poetic means of expression ideal for a story like this, forms another metaphoric layer of the film withs its laboriousness and graphic style.

The budget of this co-production reached almost 150 thousand EUR and was almost evenly divided between MAUR film and French production company Les Films de l’Arlequin. Both sides were supported by their respective national funds – State Cinematography Fund in the Czech Republic and the prestigious national fund CNC – Centre National du Cinema in France.






Script, Graphic artist, Director – Lucie Sunková
Music – Olivier Daviaud
Photography – Jakub Halousek
Editing – Šárka Sklenářová
Ssound, Mix – Martin Večeřa / Vladimír Chrastil / Philippe Charriot
Compositing – Bohdan buďárek / Martin búřil / Inés sedan
Music mix – Nicolas Delbart
Grading – Isabelle laclau
Czech Republic – MAUR film
France – Les Films de l´Arlequin / Dora Benousilio

Running length – 14.45 min
Format – dolby digital 5.1
Premiere – 24.2.2016

Grand Off – The best europe short film europe on film festival in Warsaw
FANTOCHE – Best Kids




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