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The Crossing

An animated feature film following the dramatic journey of two siblings, Kyona and her brother Adriel, who are running away, because they are being pursued by an unspecified Eastern European country. A story about the neverending effort to find a new home, where we can find a better life. An effort for which we are willing to risk our lives. On this journey of hope people overcome various perils and experience the most terrible of situations. They are fueled by the awareness of who they really are, what they are running from and what they are hopeful of. In the end an experience like that becomes a story worth telling again and again.


Director – Florence Miailhe
Script – Marie Desplechin, Florence Miailhe
Artistic director of animation – Youri Tcherenkov (CZ)
France: Valentine Delqueux, Marie Juin, David Martin, Aurore Peuffier, Anita Brüvere, Ewa Łuczkow, Paola de Sousa
Germany:  Aline Helmcke, Urte Zintler, Ewa Łuczkow
Czech Republic: Lucie Sunková, Polina Kazak, Eva Skurská, Anna Paděrová, Zuzana Studená, Marta Szymanska
Music – Philipp E. Kümpel
Directors of postproduction – Jean Delduc, Matthias Reger

Production directors – Dominique Deluze (FR), Karsten Matern (DE), Marcela Vrátilová (CZ)
Producers – Les Films de l´Arlequin (FR), Balance Film (DE), MAUR film (CZ), XBO Films (FR), ARTE France Cinéma, MDR / ARTE Germany, Czech Television
Distributors – Gebeka (FR), Indie Sales (FR), Pilot Film (CZ)

Length – 80 minutes
Animation technique – glass hand-draw painting
World premiere – June 17, 2021 Annecy IAFF

The film was financially supported by national funds in three countries (including Czech Film Fund), Eurimages and Creative Europe MEDIA.


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