PAOLO´S HAPPINESS | In production

Paolo Piangino is a quiet adult man who lives alone with his cat and loves to cry, because his tears are his happiness. When he feels sad, tears comfort him, when he is happy, his tears give him even more joy. One day people in his town are amazed to find that flowers grow out of Paolo’s tears and thanks to his tears Paolo becomes famous. All his compatriots from the town are excited, they all invite him to visit, hoping for some lucky tears from him.

But Paolo is soon fed up with all that hustle and bustle. Secretely he steals away and all that is left after him are several flowers. The people in the town, saddened by his departure, cry bitter tears for him. Who knows, maybe one day even their tears will grow into flowers.


Director – Thorsten Droessler
DOP – Jaroslav Fišer
Animation – Anja Kofmel
Producers – FilmVermoegen (Grit Wiskirchen, DE), MotionWorks – Markus Kark (DE), Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktions – Sereina Gabatuler (CH), MAUR film – Martin Vandas (CZ)

Estimated length – 10 min.
Estimated release
– 2022

Financially supported by the Czech Film Fund.