We are a nation of beekeepers! Or so it would seem judging by the number of views of the new episode of the animated series Undistorted Science. Within one week of release several thousand people had watched the episode about the life and behaviour of bees as presented by Pavel Liška. A decent result for a science popularization video. But of course the final viewcount for the whole series is in the millions!

That’s why in its fourth season Undistorted Science hooked up with the Czech Academy of Science‘s strategy for the 21st century – aside from the episode about bees (which are based on a chapter of the scientific programme Diversity of life and health of ecosystems) there will be videos about storage and conversion of energy, food of the future and the risk of Earth being hit by a celestial body. Pavel Liška is on a roll and acording to the latest Algorithms he should finish all the videos by autumn of this year.