“Hurikán” received financial support from the Czech Film Fund and is preparing to enter production.

On the 16th of June the results of the decision of the Council of the Czech Film Fund regarding the support „Creation of an Animated Film“ were released. Among the seven projects which received support was Jan Saska’s recognized new short film “Hurikán”.

Jan Saska is known for his previous work, his student film Happy End which had its premiere in 2016 at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs as part of the Cannes festival and was in the short list selection for the Oscar.

Hurikán” is a 10 minute 2D black and white hand drawn animated film without dialogue. The premiere is expected to be in 2022.

Director – Jan Saska
Script – Jan Saska and Václav Hašek
Producers – Last Films (Kamila Dohnalová), MAUR film (Martin Vandas)

Lucie Sunková is preparing her second short film

The film director and children’s book author Lucie Sunková will begin animating her next short film Zuzy in the Gardens in September. It will be based on the book by Jana Šrámková and Andrea Tachezy. Lucie is already working on the background and in the autumn she will move to Dema studio where the whole film will be gradually put together. The 10 minute film which will be painted on glass should be finished by the summer of 2021.

Viewers will remember Lucie Sunková’s work thanks to the successful short film The Tree which won several prestigious awards and the still scenes from the film had their own exhibition. Lucie has lately taken part in animating the coproduced feature film The Crossing.

Zuzy in the Gardens is being coproduced with Super film (SK) and received financial support from the Czech Film Fund.