Maur film - Ahoj léto



Sea, sun, beaches and family holidays. Just pick your dream destination from the catalogue, pack your bags and hit the road. But what if the hotel isn’t as stellar as promised, your room has a bit of a naughty view, the dinner is surprisingly exotic and your luggage travels independently. Family above all!




Script, Directors – Martin Smatana, Veronika Zacharová
Art designer – Veronika Zacharová
Animation technique – Stop motion and 2D hand drawn animation
Length – 11 minutes

Producer – Martin Smatana (Studio Bororo, SK)
Co-producers – Kamila Dohnalová (Last Films, CZ), Martin Vandas (MAUR film, CZ), Jean-Francois Le Corre (Vivement Lundi!, FR)

Planned release – 2024

Financially supported by Audiovisual fund (SK), Czech Film Fund (CZ), CNC, Procirep Angoa (FR), ARTE France


Visuals – Zip




In Hello Summer we want to manifest the cinematic values of comedy, comforting tone and clever children’s content that we shared as co-directors. Through joining stop-motion and hand-drawn animation, the techniques we usually work with, the unique playful usage of objects in a different context was made possible. The family travelling story organically emerged afterwards. A sea-side holiday is a big event for a family from an inland country such as Czechia or Slovakia. We have memories from our own childhoods of our parents saving over several years and creating great expectations to have the best holiday ever.

However, with our film we want to tell that the luxury of a vacation is measured more by the precious quality time a family spends together than the number of swimming pools in a hotel resort. We chose to narrate this story with an archetypal model family and through a very straightforward story line. Our goal is a fun family film with haunting visuals and a heart-warming message that both children and adults can relate to.

Martin Smatana & Veronika Zacharová
directors of Hello Summer