Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale is in the running for an Oscar, Czech TV viewers can see it on Nov 17 at 9:05 on ČT:D and online.  

31 years after the Velvet revolution and the fall of the Berlin wall, 30 years since the unification of Germany the animated film Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale, one of few dealing with the events of the 1989 fall in a way understandable to children, is reaping rewards all over the world.

The film Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale will be shown on Nov 17 at 9:05 on ČT:D, it can be also viewed online at home or in schools The pages of the film also offer educative materials in entertaining form.

A year ago Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale entered Czech and European cinemas with great success. The story of a 12 year old Fritzi, her friend and Sputnik the dog, the events of autumn 1989 and the fall of communism in East Germany, was co-produced by Czech co-producer Martin Vandas (who is behind such successful films as eg. Daughter by Daria Kashcheeva, Fimfárum or Mimi & Liza) and  drew the attention of viewers and experts all over the world.

The animated film voiced in Czech language by Aňa Geislerová, Marek Daniel, Richard Genzer, Eliška Jirotková, has been on its victorious journey round the world for a year now. Among its greatest successes are: the national nomination for an Oscar by Germany, two awards at the International film festival in Teheran, The Golden Sparrow award from the oldest German film festival for children, and the award of the European Children‘s Film Association.

The Czech side was responsible in this project for the Key Animation (animators Marek Pokorný /comics St. Barbora/, Jan Saska /short film Happy End – Student Oscar short list/, Jan Bohuslav, Michaela Večerková, Eliška Oz and others) and recording the original music score by the Luxembourg composer André Dziezuk in Prague, which, under the auspices of his company MUSA was organised by Petr Pýcha.