Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival
section CZECH JOY
prize – Special Mention

In his film at the intersection of an experiment and a poetic documentary, Milan Klepnikov looks at the end of the world as defined by the poet Petr Král, who is convinced that children are born into a world which has in fact already ended. Trying to understand the young generation’s viewpoint and to capture the end of cinema as we know if, Klepnikov wildly chases and captures visual and auditive input, which he combines into a film sketchbook consisting of fragments of the lives of young people who apparently have been through the end of the world, but who still have many years ahead of them.


„I appreciate Petr Král’s unshakable conviction about the end of the world as much as I like his peace of mind. Indeed, there’s no room for whining – not as long as there are certain moments, however meaningless or ridiculous they may seem at first sight, which can still be gained from the world.”
(Milan Klepikov)