The new film by Daria Kashcheeva aims to explore the inner world of a woman who has since childhood been idealizing her father, rebelling against her mother and while growing up diving deeper and deeper into her own fantasy world to which she is drawn more than to real relationships. Gradually she builds up a strange deformed view of beauty which she tries to emulate. This way she keeps searching for the right relationship with her own body and sexuality, but growing up she loses more and more, injuring her body and destroying it.

Script, Director, Main Animator – Daria Kashcheeva
Dramaturgy – Lucia Kajánková
Starring – Zuzana Částková, Zuzana Stivínová, Robert Jašków
Cinematography – Tomáš Frkal
Sound – Míra Chaloupka
Editing – Alexandr Kashcheev
Producers – Zuzana Křivková, Martin Vandas, MAUR film and FAMU

Estimated length – 25 min
Estimated release
– 2023

Financially supported by the Czech Film Fund.





In childhood Electra lost her father Agamemnon who abandoned the family. Her aggrieved mother Clytemnestra hates her husband and everything connected with him and forbids her daughter to see him. To meet her dentist father despite her mother’s wishes, Electra eats a lot of sweets hoping that she will be able to convince her father in his dental office to come back. Once in the office she catches him with his nurse. The ostentatiously provocative nurse thus becomes for Electra the ideal of female beauty. In puberty, she escapes more and more into her fantasy, observing her own body and exploring her sexuality. She finds it easier and more attractive than real interpersonal relationships.

In the recycling factory where Electra works she falls in love with a man resembling her father. To impress him, she starts changing her body. At the same time, she is jealous of his female boss and indeed, on one occasion catches them in an intimate situation. Desperate and disappointed she decides to undergo plastic surgery, promiscuity follows and slowly and gradually Electra destroys herself, sinking to the depths.