Pripravy k filmu T


The directorial debut of Milan Klepikov was presented in the world premiere at the Ji.hlava festival in 2021 and has since won many viewers.

In the film, Milan Klepikov deals, on the border between an experiment and a poetic documentary, with the end of the world, at least as defined by the poet Petr Král. According to him, children are born into a world that has already passed its end. In order to understand how this concept is viewed by the young generation itself, and at the same time to record the end of cinematography as we have known it up to now, Klepikov creates a film sketchbook through a disorganized hunt for visual and auditory sources, which is dominated by fragments of lives of the young actors who seemingly outlived the end of the world, but also have long years of their future ahead.


„In Petr Král’s stating the end of the world, I like equally much both his categorically uncompromising stance and his calm. There really is no place for lamentations, at least so long as certain moments can be snatched from the world, however at first sight insignificant or ridiculous“
— says Milan Klepikov.


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Subtitles EN / Sound CZ

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