The long-awaited graduation film of the FAMU student is nearing its final stage, and you can take a look at how the shooting itself is going on.


— You may ask how long we prepared this shooting and how much did it cost?
— We have been preparing this scene intensively for a year and it cost a lot a lot a lot of money.
— And it’s still an animated film?
— Yes, it is!

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| Teaser


| The film is co-produced by
MAUR film  (CZ)
FAMU (CZ) – www.famu.cz
Papy3D Productions (FR) – www.papy3d.com
Arctichoke (SK) – www.artichoke.sk

| with the support of
the State Cinematography Fund – fondkinematografie.cz
the Regional Film Office of the Pilsen Region – www.filmplzen.cz
the FILMTALENT ZLÍN Foundation Fund – www.facebook.com/filmtalentzlin
CNC – Centre national du cinéma et de l’ image animée – www.cnc.fr
the Slovak Audiovisual Fund – www.avf.sk