The last week in November the short animated film Paolo’s Happiness by director Thorsten Drößler should go into production.

 „I am deeply touched by this story. And I am convinced that not only children will understand it and that it will give courage to everybody not to be afraid to show their emotions. Because crying is liberating. It is not only an expression of pain, sadness and weakness – you can cry when you are happy, like Paolo,“ explains the author of the film.  

Representing the Czech side in Halle, Germany, will be the cameraman and photographer Jaroslav Fišer, who has also cooperated with MAUR film company on other projects such as, The Orphans, Zuzy in the Garden, The Hat with a Jay’s Feather, The Crossing, and more. It will be Jaroslav Fišer who will bring to Halle the first finished puppets by the artist Patricie Ortiz Martinez, who at the moment is cooperating on a feature length project Of Unwanted Things and People. The animation will be in the hands of the excellent and experienced Swiss animator Anja Kofmel (Chris the Swiss).

The producer of the film is the German company FilmVermoegen and co-producers are MotionWorks (DE), Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktions (CH) and MAUR film (CZ). „I have met Grit Wißkirchen thanks to contact from MotionWorks. As an experienced producer she supports me with her small independent company FilmVermoegen, in financing and organising the production. Thanks to her vast international network of contacts she, for example, managed to get on board the Swiss partner for co-production and the Czech producer of animated movies Martin Vandas of MAUR film. As a director I am therefore very grateful to Grit, because I am very fond of Czech animated puppet films and the project will greatly benefit from the expert knowledge,“ adds Thorsten Drößler.

The film was financially supported by The Czech Film Fund and should be finished in 2022.