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  • Atomic tour

Atomik Tour

Bruno Collet shoots his new film in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
By |08/12/2022|Categories: in production|
  • Kafka zamilovany / Kafka. in Love

Kafka. In Love

"I was preoccupied with your letters: in agony, in love, in worry and in an entirely indefinite fear of indefinite." (Franz Kafka)
By |26/07/2022|Categories: in production|
  • MAUR film - Efekt morske panny

The Mermaid’s Effect

Mermaid Luna needs to protect her little daughter in the town ruled by film industry, where old mythical creatures live in unequal relationship with humans.
By |03/02/2022|Categories: in production|
  • Maur film - Jedenactka

The Eleven

The Eleven will be a film tale about the team we all want to cheer for!
By |03/02/2022|Categories: in production|
  • feature-img-sirotci-unwanted-things-and-people-2

Of Unwanted Things and People

Adaptation of fairy tales by Arnošt Goldflam.
By |19/06/2017|Categories: in production|