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  • Joko


An adaptation of Roland Topor's theatrical drama based on the absurdist drama.
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  • Maur film - Efekt morske panny

The Mermaid’s Effect

Mermaid Luna needs to protect her little daughter in the town ruled by film industry, where old mythical creatures live in unequal relationship with humans.
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  • Demon Slate

Demon of the Marshes

I walk in the places that are still the beating heart of Šumava, beating in a body with its limbs cut off. These places called Šumava, a beautiful corner of the land, are slowly dying in their splendour.
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  • Maur film O krave

About a Cow

A patchwork of true stories from the life of cows.
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  • Maur film - Animace jedna basen

Poetry in Animation

A unique series introducing contemporary Czech animation scene in poems of Czech authors.
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  • feature-img-electra-a-poem

Electra. A Poem.

Our memory is fiction. Electra is not telling her story. She is reliving her memories, painting them, changing hues, then colours as well. Everything is fiction. Electra’s world is a game she invented herself.
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