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Demon of the Marshes

I walk in the places that are still the beating heart of Šumava, beating in a body with its limbs cut off. These places called Šumava, a beautiful corner of the land, are slowly dying in their splendour.
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About a Cow

A patchwork of true stories from the life of cows.
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  • Maur film - Animace jedna basen

Poetry in Animation

A unique series introducing contemporary Czech animation scene in poems of Czech authors.
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Electra. A Poem.

Our memory is fiction. Electra is not telling her story. She is reliving her memories, painting them, changing hues, then colours as well. Everything is fiction. Electra’s world is a game she invented herself.
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  • MAUR film - Rosentaal


Steampunk polar road movie about the adventurous trip of 16-year-old orphan Nab.
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