Mama ma vzdycky pravdu


At the end of September, the 35th year of the Finale Pilsen film festival took place, which offered over a hundred screenings of what was filmed (mostly) in the Czech Republic over the past year. The films that were made in live, animated, documentary, television, internet, feature-length, short-length and serial productions.

Films in 5 competition sections were evaluated by international juries composed exclusively of foreign film professionals, and student juries from the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. In the Best Student Short Film category, the film Mum Is Always Right won the Golden Kingfisher.


“The film wins thanks to its high creativity and craftsmanship level, which carries not only humor but also a very important message, not only for children but also for adults. We greatly appreciate the playfulness and lightness of touch, in which the story is told,”
— explained the expert jury composed of Triin Tramberg and Petra Ondřejková.