The film tells the story of a very important social problem: civic engagement. It is not tied to any particular political system or period. There is a stylized, anonymous, universal character living in an unspecified space. Everything is made of paper using the origami technique. The character does not want to solve the problems of the world around him, he thinks that he would lose his peace. But as a result, with this hidden from the news of the world, he gradually begins to sacrifice not only his property, his space, but also his freedom.


Director, editor – Nika Zinoveva
Producer – FMK UTB Zlín, MAUR film (Mária Moťovská)
Estimated length – 7 min.
Estimated release
– Summer 2023

Financially supported by the Czech Film Fund and FILMTALENT Zlín Endowment Fund.





“I’m not interested in politics.” I keep hearing this sentence in my everyday life. People are convinced that the politics has no effect on their lives. It’s a problem outside of them, someone else’s problem. They lock themselves in their little world and pretend that nothing else concerns them. It turns out that politics comes to their house “by itself”, even they have not shown interest in it before. It begins to affect their lives.

People agree to sacrifice their comfort and freedom just so that they do not need to struggle with their outside’s world. It shows that it does not depend on people’s behavior and loyalty. Their silence will lead to the loss of everything.