Fimfárum-page-001The exhibition of Jan Werich’s Fimfárum, The Third Time Lucky, will be held in the Town gallery in Vysoké Mýto during the summer months. It is intended mainly for children, as is the grand opening which will take place on Sunday 12th of June at 3 pm. You can look forward to a workshop where the children can, with the help of their parents, make a puppet and learn something about animation. The visitors can also take a look at 3D scenes and familiar characters from the film.

The exhibition presents all three of the Fimfárum stories: How the Giants in the Sumava Mountains Died Out, The Hat with a Jay’s Feather and Good Fortune.

As part of the exhibition the gallery is organising thematic workshops: “How a film puppet is made“ for primary school pupils. The workshops will be taking place from the 14th to the 24th of June.