The film tells the story of 16-year-old orphan Nab, who has lived since birth on a huge ship, which is at the same time a factory, a town and permanent home to several thousand people. For violating the austere rules, Nab is banished and put ashore in the Duluong Islands, a harsh place where winter is hard to survive. But thanks to the discovery of gold deposits, Eskimos live there together with hundreds of adventurers, criminals, and local hunters. The only law that rules here is the law of the strongest.

The town is called Rosentaal and the plains beyond are full of starved packs of wolves. Nab leaves the ship with a box of locksmith tools, as well as a curious legacy from his father, who was a ventriloquist and variety artist. It is a sarcophagus containing a mysterious living mummy of an Eskimo chief whose future and destiny will become a mission of duty for Nab. Nab’s journey to the north is a story of initiation and coming of age.

Director – Miroslav Krobot
 – Marek Epstein
Architect, costume
 – Václav Švankmajer
 – Alena Vandasová, Martin Vandas – MAUR film

Estimated length – 80 minutes
Estimated release
 – 2024

Financially supported by Czech Film Fund

Visuals – Jpg-Zip