Movie Description

Preparations for Film T

The categorical, intransigent end of the world pronouncements of Petr Kral impress me as much as his composure. There is really no place for lament, at least as long as there can be certain moments stolen from the world, be they at first impression meaningless or ridiculous. This is the task of the movie (no greater is necessary). For a while now I have been systematically collecting moments, completely without any system. This is the first small stock-taking, everything is only beginning (well, this world excepting).




Director, script
– Milan Klepikov
Assistant director – Filip Novotný
DOP, editor – Jiří Holba
Actors – Adam Čepelák, Ivan Kunc,  Diviš Votoček, Anna Brabcová, Darja Míková

Producers – MAUR film (Antonie Dědečková, Martin Vandas), Milan Klepikov

Length – 93 min.
– 2021

Financially supported by the Czech Film Fund.



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