Damn! Beer is running out at Hurikán’s favourite beer stand. The bartender is getting desperate and she’ll have to close early. However, Hurikán has a crush on her and thus, he offers to get her a new keg before the beer runs out completely!

He sets out to get it in one of the wildest districts of Prague, where he is forced to deal with local folks as well as police officers.

Robbed, chased and beaten-up Hurikán finally succeeds and manages to get the keg… but he is at the end of his tether and so thirsty he can’t help himself: he taps the keg and gets smashed immediately. Wallowing on a dusty ground he’s awaiting the alcohol to cloud his mind completely so he forgets that his chance with the bartender ruined forever.


Director – Jan Saska
Script – Jan Saska and Václav Hašek
Producer – Kamila Dohnalová (Last Films, CZ), Martin Vandas (MAUR film, CZ)
Co-producers – Antoine Liétout, Ivan Zuber (Laïdak Films, FR), Juraj Krasnohorský (Artichoke, SK), Mladen Đukić (AEON Production, BiH)

Length – 12 minutes
Animation technique – Black & white hand-drawn 2D animation with no dialogue
Estimated release – 2024

Financially supported by Czech Film Fund (CZ), The Prague Film Fund (CZ), Slovak Audiovisual Fund (SK), Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (FR), Region Nouvelle Aquitaine (FR), Department de la Charente (FR) and   Audiovisual fund Republic Serbia (BiH)


Concept Art – Zip (4x jpg)