Maur film - Ahoj léto



Family consisting of mom, dad, son and a daughter is going to summer vacation. As they leave their house, they are all happy and looking forward to the best holiday ever. But on the way to the airport, things are getting worse and complicated. As they arrive to the destination, they start to be upset, because everybody has a different taste of how to enjoy holidays. They start to be angry at each other which leads to the point when they split and everybody goes own way. For a little moment everybody enjoys it to be alone, but soon they start to feel lonely, and they realize that they dont enjoy it without the others. That they are the happiest when they spend a time together. In the end they all meet again and find that the best way is to enjoy the holiday together.




 – Martin Smatana, Veronika Zacharová
Director – Martin Smatana, Veronika Zacharová
Art designer – Veronika Zacharová
Animation technique – Stop motion with 2D
Length – 10´

Producer – Martin Smatana, Studio Bororo
Coproducer – MAUR film – Kamila Dohnalová / Vivement Lundi! – Jean-Francois Le Corre

Estimated release – 2024


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Hi, I am Martin. I do a stop motion animation because i like working manually. I also like to combine different animation techniques. I always wanted to do films for adults, but both of my previous films somehow ended up for children audience. Topic of this lm also comes from my own childhood, when we used to travel to summer holiday every year with my parents and brother. Before the holiday, we were allways full of expectations, and imagined having the best time ever. But usually, as soon as we arrived at destination, the realiy was completely different. The hotel didn´t look as the one in catalogue, the swimming pool was either too small, over-crowded or without the water, the view from the balcony wasn´t the sea, but the opposite brick wall. And so we get angry, we started to argue and sometimes even split. But usually soon we realized that we miss each other. We all met again and usually found some funny activity that we enjoy all together. And vacation was not that bad anymore..