Electra is not able to establish relationships with men. When she is intimate with a man, she tears off a part of his body, destroying him. She runs away to her empty and crumbling room where she constructs a safe partner – a male mannequin. She thinks that this way she is keeping her relationships under control. She is upset by her own self from the past, Young Electra, who is stalking her. She looks too sexy, she is excessively made up, and she is bringing up painful memories from her childhood which Electra has been trying to avoid.

Gradually Electra realises that she failed in fulfilling her dream. The male mannequin she built is not able to satisfy her fantasies. She has to accept the Young Electra in herself and dive deep into the traumatic memories, experience again the rivalry with her mother for her father’s attention, and renew the mixed feelings for her dad. Electra enters her unconscious mind, relives her childhood trauma, so that she can express the supressed aggression against her father and destroy herself.

Only then is she ready to reveal what really happened during her 10th birthday.



Script, Director – Daria Kashcheeva
Dramaturgy – Lucia Kajánková, Michal Reich
Starring – Zuzana Částková, Marie Verner, Zuzana Stivínová, Robert Jašków
Cinematography – Tomáš Frkal
Sound – Míra Chaloupka
Editing – Alexandr Kashcheev
Producers – Zuzana Křivková, Martin Vandas (MAUR film)
Coproducers – FAMU (CZ), Olivier Catherin (FR), Richard Van Den Boom (Papy3D, FR), Juraj Krasnohorsky (Artichoke, SK)

Estimated length – 25 min
Estimated release
– 2023

Financially supported by Czech Fim Fund, AVF Slovak Audiovisual Fund, CNC, ARTE France and fund Filmtalent Zlín and Regional Film Office of the Pilsen Region


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In childhood Electra lost her father Agamemnon who abandoned the family. Her aggrieved mother Clytemnestra hates her husband and everything connected with him and forbids her daughter to see him. To meet her dentist father despite her mother’s wishes, Electra eats a lot of sweets hoping that she will be able to convince her father in his dental office to come back. Once in the office she catches him with his nurse. The ostentatiously provocative nurse thus becomes for Electra the ideal of female beauty. In puberty, she escapes more and more into her fantasy, observing her own body and exploring her sexuality. She finds it easier and more attractive than real interpersonal relationships.

In the recycling factory where Electra works she falls in love with a man resembling her father. To impress him, she starts changing her body. At the same time, she is jealous of his female boss and indeed, on one occasion catches them in an intimate situation. Desperate and disappointed she decides to undergo plastic surgery, promiscuity follows and slowly and gradually Electra destroys herself, sinking to the depths.