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Criss Cross

Animated embroidery in a tale inspired by folk literature, specifically by the saying „A friend in need is a friend indeed“.
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  • Maur film - Paolos Happiness

Paolo´s Happiness

Paolo is a very happy man because he can cry at stories with a sad ending but also at happy endings. Paolo‘s tears make people around him happier: they can pick his tears as flowers. But they can’t keep them forever.
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Mum Is Always Right

A short animated movie about most common myths told to children.
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  • Maur film - Animace jedna basen

Poetry in Animation

A unique series introducing contemporary Czech animation scene in poems of Czech authors.
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The End of the World

This filmed improvised play on words which flows into dialogues that lay the foundations of the characters‘ life stories is a first in this genre in the Czech Republic.
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Electra. A Poem.

How does the myth of Electra play out in the modern era, when almost every second marriage fails? Where is Electra brought by her unconditional love for her father, who abandoned the family when she was very young?
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