The picture book accompanying Lucie Sunková’s film The Tree is hitting the shelves. (distributed by Kosmas).

Thanks to the successful crowdfunding campaign project Zastavené obrazy (Stopped pictures) on Startovač (a kickstarter website) we finally managed to publish the book!

We decided to do the book because the paint on glass animation technique is very fleeting. Lucie Sunková STOPPED her film a few times and created a book of paintings. She further explains:

“Being the animator and also the artist has one big disadvantage. I create a painting which I subsequently erase. I resolved this professional schizophrenia by creating this book. The paint on glass animation is a very long and tedious process and I felt sorry that nothing remained after making the film. The makers of puppet animation films at least get to keep the puppets. I get left with a clean sheet of glass. And we would like to change that with this book.“

This artistic book by director and animator Lucie Sunková, The Tree, is based on the short film of the same name. In the book the silent, lyrical, metaphorical story gains a new visual, literary dimension.

Excerpt from the book: HERE